“Moonface Returns”
Short Story


The short story “Moonface Returns” by Edward Karpp is included in the collection Under the Full Moon’s Light, edited by Emma Nelson and Hannah Smith and published by Owl Hollow Press (October 16, 2018).

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“Alternate Cut”
Short Story

The short story “Alternate Cut” by Edward Karpp is included in the collection Thuggish Itch: Viva Las Vegas published by Gypsum Sound Tales (August 11, 2018).

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“ALTERNATE CUT by Edward Karpp – This, in my opinion, is the darkest of the tales in THUGGISH ITCH. Atmospheric, as it is, you should read this one alone with no other distractions. It really is a dark piece of fiction; I loved it.”
(from Amazon review by Paul Bailey)

“‘Alternate Cut’ fit the horror bill well, and is definitely worth the lengthier read. I was actually scared by the monster described in this story.” (from Amazon review by Brittany)

“The Last Screening”
Short Story51TDvmCbP9L

The short story “The Last Screening” by Edward Karpp is included in the collection Schlock! Horror! edited by Bret McCormick and published by Hellbound Books Publishing (August 24, 2018).

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Short Story – Available Soon

The short story “Pathogens” by Edward Karpp will be included in the collection In the Air to be published by Transmundane Press.